Posted on August 30, 2016

Just some random notes from a project.

Windows Command Line Stuff

Command prompt - not PowerShell to see a list of Environment Variables: type set. Only works in the command prompt window, not PS.

Powershell: set an environment variable: $env:API_URL = "http://localhost:3100/api" To read it back: echo $env:API_URL

Ubuntu Command Line Stuff

Updates available - install them: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade the upgrade note called a message of the day, may not go away until the next day or reboot.

Check disk information - to see free space etc: df -h
human readable ls with last modified date: ls -halt
show current date and time: date “+%H:%M:%S %d/%m/%y”

top - shows list of processes shift + m sort top by mem usage

show list of all processes sorted by RSS memory usage:
ps aux –sort -rss

kill process id and hopefully restart it:
sudo kill -HUP

Ubuntu and Vi

Save and quit - :wq - make sure insert is off - press escape
Just quit - :q
paste - right click

To remove a block of text:

  • Put your cursor on the top line of the block of text/code to remove.
  • Press V (That’s capital “V” : Shift + v )
  • Move your cursor down to the bottom of the block of text/code to remove.
  • Press d.


logs are in home/.pm2

Javascript Debugging

window.alert((JSON.stringify(fileNames)) + ',' + dupeCheck + ',' + i);